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Vincent Alvarez Owner/Head Trainer



Born and raised in Santa Barbara, CA, I have always been surrounded by hard working and successful individuals, which fueled me to always challenge my character to be the best version of myself. Over the years, I have maintained great health and a successful soccer career starting from the elite youth levels onto becoming a division 1 collegiate athlete at the University of California Santa Barbara. I began sports performance training at 15 years old with one of the most renowned sports science training facilities, P3 (Peak Performance Project). An amazing team that took my performance to the next level which inspired my understanding and passion for the importance of performance training. I want to share that same knowledge and enthusiasm with the next generation of parents and athletes, which sparked my dedication to becoming a certified strength and conditioning & speed specialist, offering elite opportunities to those seeking "the next level".

With years of being surrounded and mentored by so many great professional and collegiate athletes, I have established numerous relationships that allowed me to grow my expertise and appreciation of what the best athletes in the world are doing to stay at the top of their performance. I have been lucky enough to travel the world and see first-hand the training grounds and sports performance facilities of the best clubs and athletes. This has allowed me to share all of my experiences and implement my own philosophy within my program. 



At A2Z, we recognize the importance of creating a professional training environment to maximize athletic potential and help each athlete understand what it takes to be elite. We focus on each athlete’s technique to ensure correct movement patterns, improve their overall efficiency, reduce the chance of injury, and provide a positive mentoring role that helps athletes learn what it takes to be successful in their respected sport. 


We Deliver

We understand each individual is different in terms of goals, needs, and athletic ability. Our private training environment caters to elite athletes searching for a customized program and one-on-one attention in areas of strength and speed development, sports specific training, injury prevention, along with a high implementation of recovery, including massage therapy. We understand in order for you to succeed in your team environment, it starts in your training environment, with discipline, dedication, continual feedback, and our training expertise. Combining training protocols, and years of experience we will transform athleticism and overall mindset to duplicate what is being done at the highest level.







Injury RehaB (RTP)

A serious knee injury can be devastating for any athlete both physically and psychologically, but even worse is returning to play prematurely or underdeveloped. Athletes who complete a post-surgery physical therapy program may not yet be ready for a return to full-speed of play; our ACL RTP (Return to Play) program focuses on checking all the boxes. This individualized program includes regular evaluations to measure progress as the athlete works to improve strength, mobility, stability, and sport specific movement so they can return to competition at an elite level. 

USR Partnership

A Universal Speed Rating Speed Lab Partner

Our partnership program is designed for youth to pro athletes who are dedicated to improving their speed at the highest level. We use individual and small group format to develop speed, agility, deceleration and change of direction. Key elements include: manually powered treadmills for developing speed and mechanical efficiency; plyometrics for improving explosive movement, foot speed, agility, and stability; resistance training for power, injury prevention, and increase in load output; and sport-specific drills designed to help athletes move better and more efficiently during competition. All athletes are tested at the beginning of a training program to assess symmetry, current state, and areas for improvement, and again at the end to measure results.


A2Z Training


Tel: 213-293-6884

3800 W 3500 S West Valley City, Utah 84120

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